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I am looking for a graphic designer willing to make a package of 5 graphics in one size, they will be published on Instagram and Facebook. Fitness theme. In case of satisfactory quality I am open for further cooperation.

I would like to create a website for a company operating in the fields of electrical engineering, structural networks, fire alarm systems, cctv, sswin, door call systems, and automation. 5-6 subpages, home page, about the company, portfolio...

A simple website with a description of services and contact information. It can be a website created in wordpress. Implementation time: one week

Commission a website


I will order a website, 4-5 subpages, home page, about the company, portfolio (gallery for 2-3 pictures with description), contact, job offers. 2 language versions: Polish and English. There is no requirement as to the technology, but it...

I need to create a website on Wordpress, fitness industry. I have ready-made pictures and content, I need someone to put everything together and create a website that I can edit later.

I am looking for a person to create a logo design and about 10 graphics for social media content consistent in color. I am planning a rebranding. Please send me a portfolio.

I will commission a logo design for an insurance multiagency - it will be a sole proprietorship, starting August 1, 2022.

Cool website creation


I would like to create a website, maximum 6 pages including 1 with a description of our services. With two language versions: Polish and English. There is no requirement as to the creation program, but it should be WordPress, because of the...

Logo on Instagram has its own rules: it can not be too big, because the space for its publication is limited. I want it to stand out, not overwhelm, so that everyone associates the profile with it. The subject matter should be casual, lifestyle,...

The Nature Goddess brand works in the trend of spiritual development and will eventually be a store with personalized products with affirmations. The brand's colors are earth colors (soft beiges, greens). All communication and products of the...

I would like to create a website on Wordpress.

I will commission a website in WordPress. I own the hosting and the domain. I know how I want the site to look like, I will provide specific guidelines (I even have a specific scheme in wordpress that I like - it's about a relatively...

A5 flyer, double sided design, graphic source files to use provided, design in open file,

Corporate logo design


I am looking for a person who will create a company logo design for us. A person who also has experience in UX and UI design for web and mobile applications is welcome for further cooperation.

I am looking for a designer who goes beyond simple associations and template design. The logo must be unique, simple and professional.

Hello, I will commission a 2d logo design with the name of our marine coral farm + a micrograph of some coral in the logo

Wordpress website

29.07.22 Something like that. I want a site like that in the same industry

Urgently looking for a graphic designer who is creative and can create good banners. There is a range of banners to be made of various sizes and various themes in the travel industry on Web / Mobile / Google / Instagram /...

We are looking for a person to edit VIDEO from entrusted material. Mainly videos from trade fairs, corporate events, videos showing the work of machinery, videos presenting the product. Welcome person from Wielkopolska but it is not a necessary...

Product Images


I have photos to take advertising a healthy snack for a child. I need a few (up to 10) product photos where the snack will be placed in a suitable arrangement on a table/light background.