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Short version of Terms and conditions

Abbreviated version of Useme website Regulations


Article 1 – Definitions
Here you will learn all the definitions used in the Regulations as well as on the website. You will find out what the following terms are: Post, Job, Deal and Work. You will also know who the website administrator is and what is accessible to logged in Users.

Article 2 – General provisions
Thanks to this Article you will discover about the functionality of the website, the scope of your and Useme’s responsibility, rights and obligations towards the website.
Important provisions:

  1. As the Freelancer, you take full responsibility for your work;
  2. As the Employer, you may not require from Useme to deliver or perform the Job covered by the Deal – this is the Freelancer’s duty;
  3. Useme is only an intermediation platform for transactions, so all disputes regarding the deal are solved between the Employer and the Freelancer – Useme may or may not help in contact;
  4. Useme may make the Freelancer’s data available to the Employer if the Employer brings the legal action in connection with the Deal concluded via the website;
  5. It is unacceptable to settle the Deal outside the Useme website – any action outside the Useme website (individual settlements, providing private account number) will result in an immediate blocking of the User’s account and the compensation process.
  6. Intrusive advertising or other spam messages are not allowed and also result in account blocking.

Article 3 – Registration
If you have an account on the website, you accept the Regulations at the same time. By entering incorrect or false data, you will bear the legal consequences. Useme has the right to ask you to confirm veracity data. You can withdraw during the registration and ask to delete your data by sending an e-mail at As the Freelancer, you can have just one account.

Article 4 – General conditions on placing of Posts

  1. This section describes the entire system of placing the Posts on the website. Posts must comply with the law, the Regulations and may not contain private contact details of the Employer or a request to send a free sample of job. Each Post is checked by Useme prior to publication and may be edited or deleted if the administrator detects non-compliance with the law or the Regulations.
  2. You cannot take screenshots or paste the content of Posts to other websites. As the Freelancer, you also cannot respond to Posts you cannot perform in order to improve your statistics on the website.

Article 5 – Publication of Post/Acceptance of Jobs
The Post should precisely describe what the Job entails. The Deal begins at the moment of paying the preliminary invoice by the Employer which is tantamount to the confirmation of the acceptance of offer submitted by the Freelancer (pursuant to Art. 66 of the Polish Civil Code).
In case of Deal created on the basis of the post, failure to pay preliminary invoice or invoice is not an automatic cancellation of the Deal. All rates are hidden from other Freelancers – only the Employer has access to them.

Article 6 – Job Performance

  1. Job performance starts from the moment when the preliminary invoice or invoice is paid by the Employer. The funds are waiting in our account to upload the Work on the website by the Freelancer and to obtain the approval of the Employer. The Employer must accept or reject the Work within 7 days of its uploading but can also accept the Work by payment if the Freelancer selects this option at the stage of online invoicing (Simplified Mode of Ordering a Job). If the Employer does not take any steps within 7 days, the Work will be accepted automatically.
  2. The basis for the settlement between Useme and the Employer is a VAT invoice in which VAT is added to the basic amount agreed between the parties. The VAT is not charged only to companies from the European Union having European VAT ID and companies from outside the European Union.
  3. If the Employer does not accept the Work, the Deal gains the status of “Job under dispute”. If the Work is consistent with the subject of the Deal, the funds are paid to the Freelancer. However, if the Administrators notice non-compliance, they contact both parties. Administrators may forward complete contract documentation to resolve a dispute.

Article 6a – Settlement with Freelancer

  1. . The basis for the settlement between Useme and the Freelancer is the contract for specific work in which Useme’s commission is deducted from the basic amount (in accordance with Annex 3 to the Regulations – price list). In the case of Native Freelancers, advance payment for income tax is paid by Useme to the Tax Office competent to the place of the Freelancer’s residence.
  2. . If the Freelancer runs business activity, the receipt or invoice issued by the Freelancer via Useme is the basis for the settlement.
  3. . Payment of remuneration takes place within 3 business days from the termination of the contract.

Article 6b – Simplified Order Mode

  1. This article precisely describes the rules for using the option “Issue an invoice without a company” as well as specifies the rights and obligations of the Freelancer who assumes full responsibility for the correct issue of the invoice to the Employer.
  2. The procedure is the same as described above: issuing an online invoice → sending a preliminary invoice to the Employer → securing funds on the Useme account → performance of the Work and its uploading → acceptance of the Work by the Employer (or acceptance by paying preliminary invoice) → payment of funds to the Freelancer.
  3. Acceptance and settlement of the Job are carried out in the same way as in the Deal concluded on the basis of Post published on Useme website.
  4. In this form of the Deal, failure to pay for the preliminary invoice will result in the cancellation of the Deal.

Article 7 – Licenses
The Deal may stipulate that the Freelancer grants a non-exclusive license to the Employer which includes the right to use the subject of the Post. By granting a license, you allow the Employer to record, copy and disseminate works and derive material benefits from placing the work on the market.

Article 8 – Fees
Most Useme services are free. The only fixed fee is the aforementioned commission (consistent with the current price list) paid by the Freelancer. Services paid additionally by the Employer include a VAT invoice without a preliminary invoice, sending a paper invoice version by post and a fee for using the Dotpay fast online payment system. Payments are defined in Annex to the Regulations available HERE.

Article 9 and 10 – Opinions and forum
You can exchange messages, issue opinions and use the forum on the website. It is not allowed to publish advertisements, send spam and publish rude posts which are incompatible with the Regulations. All such posts will be deleted and their authors blocked temporarily or permanently.

Article 11 – Other Provisions of Regulations
Useme is not responsible for User’s actions. However, we may delete your Post and block or delete your account if you violate the Regulations, the rules of law, good manners or principles of social co-existence. In case of violation of the Regulations, blocked account results in automatic deletion of all submitted offers and published posts.

Articles 12 and 13 – Complaints and ways of non-judicial complaints handling

  1. The User may submit a complaint about Useme services at providing full data (name, surname, address for correspondence, e-mail address registered on the website and telephone number) as well as the number of Post with materials that are subject of the complaint. Useme has no more than 10 business days to respond to complaints or longer if it notifies the User of such necessity.
  2. While complaint handling and seeking a claim, you can use non-judicial methods described in detail in Article 13.

Articles 14 and 15 – Termination of contract and withdrawal from contract
The User may at any time terminate the contract or withdraw from the contract concluded via the website i.e. delete the account on request. For that purpose, please write at If the User did not conclude the Deals via the website, the account will be deleted along with all data. However, if there were Deals, according to the law, the website must store these data for a period of 5 years. After removing the account, the User loses the ability to log in to the website using the previous data.

Articles 16 and 17 – Amendments to Regulations and final provisions

  1. Useme may change the content of the Regulations but in this case, we will notify all Users. If you do not agree with the changes, you will not be able to continue using the website.
  2. The operation of the website is compatible with the provisions of the Polish law as well as the contracts concluded via the website between the Employer and the Freelancer. All disputes will be resolved by competent common courts in Poland. The Regulations in Polish and its translation into English are legally binding documents.

Remember! This short version of Terms and Conditions isn't the Regulations in the legal sense. To see the full version of the Regulations, please click HERE.