Information Obligation


  1. Useme sp. z o.o. , a service operator available under (hereinafter called “Useme”) is an administrator within the meaning of the regulation of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe of 27th April 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free flow of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46/WE (hereinafter: “GDPR”), in relation to personal data of Users who are natural persons.

  2. This means the Useme sets the goals and methods of processing personal data of Users on their own and on their own responsibility. Users’ personal data are any data, that can identify them, e.g., name, surname, telephone number, national identification number or tax ID, email address and place of residence. The processing of personal data means all activities and operations performed on such personal data.

  3. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to determine actions taken by Useme in terms of protection of the processed personal data, including those collected by Useme and related services and tools used by the Users to perform actions such as registration, publishing and browsing through the Posts, accepting and executing Jobs and performing a number of other activities related to the above in connection with the use of Useme. All Useme activities shall be governed by the law that applies to data protection.

  4. Using the Usme website is possible only after reading the provisions of this Privacy Policy and Regulations.

  5. In connection with the use of Useme website, the following Users’ personal data may be processed:
    1. Account data and profile data: Creation of the account by the User may require providing information identifying the User, including his or her contact details. Such data may include, for example, the name and surname of the User, email address, place of residence, national identification number or tax ID, the relevant tax office, telephone number, bank account number. The profiles created as part of the Account can be used by Users for mutual contact, for example in the case of interest in the Post published in Useme service. The Users may share their personal data and other information on their public profiles (i.e., profiles, to which any person using the Internet can obtain access), based on its own, well-informed decision.
    2. Transactions: Useme may process information constituting the User’s personal data, enabling him or her publishing of the Post, execution of Jobs, sending a message, communicating with other Users, settle Jobs, including making payments for the services provided by Useme.
    3. User service: Useme, as part of the Useme service, may collect and process in another way the Users’ personal data, being in contact with the User Service department. These data may be necessary to communicate with the User (e.g., to answer the questions asked by the User), but also to fulfil his or her request. The Contact may be possible by using data saved for this purpose on the User’s account.
    4. Data collected by the website and mobile devices: when it is necessary to provide services to Users or constitutes a legitimate interest of Useme or third parties, (which is, for example, ensuring security of IT resources or security of other Users), the Useme is authorized to automatic collecting and registering data transferred to the server through web browsers of Users devices. These data may include, e.g., IP address (which is an address of the User’s device used for accessing Useme website), software and device parameters used by the User, an ID number of the mobile device, information on application use and other data on the device and the use of the systems.
    5. Questionnaires: with the User’s consent, by means of questionnaires sent to Users via e-mail or made available directly on the Useme website, Useme collects personal data from Users which may, for example, include age or other personal data. These data shall be used for research of Users preferences and adjusting the Useme offer to their expectations, as well as to statistical analyses. Giving consent to receive a questionnaire, as well as its fulfilling and sending back to Useme is always voluntary.

  6. Useme processes Users personal data for the following purposes:
    1. To enable Users to fully use the Useme website,
    2. To provide service of the User’s Account and transactions in Useme service,
    3. To create and manage Users’ Accounts,
    4. To monitor Users’ activity including searched keywords, published Posts and manage traffic in Useme service,
    5. To contact with the Users for the purpose of providing services, User service authorized marketing activities through the accessible communication channels,
    6. To perform research and analysis of the Useme service, among other things, regarding the operation of the website, improving the operation of the available services or estimating the needs of visitors,
    7. To ensure the security of the services provided electronically, including enforcement of Useme Regulations and counteracting fraud and abuse,
    8. To execute contracts and orders concluded within the Useme service,
    9. To handle complaints, requests, and appeals of Users,
    10. To match advertisements in accordance with the previously viewed content,
    11. To perform obligations resulting from legal provisions, including tax and accounting regulations,
    12. To provide payment services, make payments, debt collection,
    13. To conduct court, arbitration and mediation proceedings,
    14. Statistics,
    15. Archival,
    16. To ensure accountability, i.e., the possibility of showing that:
      1. personal data are processed in accordance with applicable law, fairly and transparently for the person, whose data concern,
      2. the purpose of the data processing is clearly defined,
      3. the processed data is adequate, relevant and limited only for its processing,
      4. the personal data is correct and updated when needed,
      5. personal data is processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security,
      6. the data storage is limited to the strict minimum necessary to achieve the purposes for which they are processed.

  7. Useme is authorized to store the data collected and tracked on the Useme platform only for the performance of the aforementioned purposes.

  8. Useme may cooperate with the third parties for the purpose of providing services to Useme by these subjects. In this case, these subjects are not authorized to use Users’ personal data for their own purposes (data shall always be processed in the name and for the purposes of Useme) and their activities are subject to the provisions of applicable law and this Privacy Policy.

  9. Given the need to prevent performing specific functions on website by the web robots, a mechanism of Google reCAPTCHA is used for the occasional study if the Users behaviour on the platform does not bear the behaviour of the robot. For this reason, Useme may disclose Google Inc. your IP address.

  10. Employers and Freelancers, to which GDPR applies, after obtaining from Useme personal data of other Party of the Job, are obliged to Employer / Freelancer to comply with any obligations resulting from GDPR or any other legal provisions, ensuring that their rights of GDPR are fulfilled.

  11. Based on GDPR, Users are entitled to:
    a. the access to their data and receiving a copy thereof;
    b. the right to rectify (correct) their data;
    c. the right to delete data. If in the opinion of the person concerned, there is no reason for Useme to process this data, he may request to remove them;
    d. the limitation of data processing. The User may demand Useme to limit processing his or her personal data only for their storage or performance of agreed activities, if, in the User’s opinion, Useme has incorrect data about the User or processes them unduly;
    e. the right to object the data processing, including:
    ”Marketing” objection. The User has the right to object processing his or her data for the purpose of performing direct marketing.
    Objection given the particular situation. The User has the right to object to the processing his or her data on the basis of legitimate interest for purposes other than direct marketing, and also when Useme’s processing is necessary to perform a task carried out in the public interest or to exercise the public authority entrusted to him or her. In this case, the User shall indicate the particular situation, which in his or her opinion, justifies Useme’s cessation of processing data that is subject to objection.
    The right to transfer data. The User has the right to obtain from Useme his or her data in structured, commonly used machine-readable format.
    The right to complain directly to the supervisory authority. If the User believes that we process data unlawfully, he may submit a complaint to the Chief Inspector of Personal Data Protection or other competent supervisory authority.
    f. The right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data. At any time, the User has the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data that Useme processes based on his or her consent. Withdrawal of consent will not affect the lawfulness of the processing which has been made on the basis of your consent prior to its withdrawal.

    In order to execute your rights, please send a request to the email address:, call: 0048 717232234, or report directly to the headquarters of the Administrator.

  12. Security. All data collected by Useme are protected with the use of reasonable technical and organizational measures and security procedures in order to protect them against access by unauthorized persons or their unauthorized use. Parties related to Useme, trusted partners and external service providers manage data in accordance with the requirements of security and privacy protection.