About us

We are a team of experienced members working in Customer Service, Programming, SEO, Marketing and Social Media. To find the safest way to guarantee their money from their clients, and provide the Employers with an invoice for the jobs which they offer, instead of dealing with the bureaucracy concerning the employment contracts. Therefore, we've won special funds from The European Union Programme for innovations in 2013 and started Useme to facilitate your work life.

We have published our service online in 2014 and within two years, we managed to meet the market's expectations. Almost 72% of our users who have completed their first transactions, return to collect their payment from their clients through Useme. Freelancers pay a small commission of the total deal, while Employers can use the service at no cost.

Administrator of Useme is: Useme sp. z o.o.
Address for services: Olawska 19/5, 50-123 Wroclaw, Poland
Tax Identification Number: PL8992744965

If you have any questions, please contact us or call +48 71 723 2234