About us

Useme is more than a financial service We are your protection and ally. You will not be left alone and we stand by your side.
The story behind Useme Let's turn back the time to 2014 when useme just started. Our founder was an employer of freelancers. He spent countless times with freelancers and deal with the long paperwork as an employer. Every obstacle is an opportunity so he decides to step in and solve these problems with Useme.
The people behind Useme We believe that everyone has the right to expand their career without so many obstacles. We understand those hardships and we are dedicated to providing a better environment for you.
We have a professional team to achieve this goal. Our specialists are ready to answer the inquiry, several engineers to protect your data, and more workers to build this goal.

Administrator of Useme is: Useme sp. z o.o.
Address for services: Olawska 19/5, 50-123 Wroclaw, Poland
Tax Identification Number: PL8992744965

If you have any questions, please contact us or call +48 71 723 2234