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Contracts without commission

valid until 30/09/2020

We will not take any commission from orders published on our site.

When the client chooses your offer, we will issue an invoice, settle the contract and complete formalities with the Tax Office for free.

Limit of monthly commissions

valid until 30/09/2020

We limit invoice fees for customers with whom you work outside Useme.

You will issue an invoice starting from EUR/USD/GBP 10 and with the monthly commission limit, you will pay less than the ZUS for companies!

Free online payments

forever without charge for BLIK and pay-by-link payments

We will not take commission for online payments.

Thanks to the new online payment operator, fast BLIK and bank transfers are free, and the salary can be on your account the same day.

Move your business to Useme

Do not lose customers, perform orders and issue invoices without a company

Cost optimization

Fees depend only on how much you earn - we sum up your Invoices monthly and add a commission, no matter the combined amount, you will not pay more than PLN 400 per month.

No fixed costs and bureaucracy

You don't have to remember to settle with the Tax Office - we'll take care of it for you. Instead of compulsory ZUS contributions, you decide about your insurance or retirement plan.

Service for foreign clients

End of restrictions due to contracts and work permits. We will settle your contracts with customers from anywhere in the world based on an invoice without VAT.

New customers

Every day we publish new orders and new opportunities to acquire customers on the only Polish portal for freelancers.

Lower taxes

With Useme, you can quickly and conveniently reduce your taxes by up to half by transferring copyrights or granting licenses to the customer.

Better creditworthiness

Does your company's income raised doubts in the bank? In Useme, you sign a contract for all orders and receive confirmation of performance.

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