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Design and 3d

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Design and 3d

I am making architectural vizualizations, interior vizualizations, product vizualizations, 3d animations, furniture...

I have gained the experience of a designer for 9 years working for various companies and individual clients....

Experienced multimedia 2D/3D graphic designer.

I am interested in game art, animation and ilustration. I am student of Video game and virtual space design at...

My name is Kristina. I have been designing for almost a year interior and photorealistic rendering. I really enjoy...

Hello! I welcome you! I am an experienced and creative 3D visualizer, 3D modeler, and designer. My services:...

An experienced 3D/2D artist (including DTP) and game developer. A wannabe writer in my free time. ------------- I...

A multidisciplinary CG generalist with over 10 years of experience in a branch. I am creating high-end quality...

I'd like to invite you to my world of 3d graphics, motion and graphic design. I'm an experienced visual composer and...

We provide photo-realistic architectural, interior and product visualisation – we approach every new challenge individually.

cdvisuals - is a young international, visualization company, based in Warsaw, but works all other the world. Our...

I specialize in 3D architectural modelling, 3D rendering, 3D visualisation, and 3D animations but i'm passionate...

I graduated in engineering from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Arts in Poznań. I completed...

I'm 3d artist currently living in Lodz, Poland. You have job for me ? Write to me :

My name is Łukasz Umiński. I'm an architect. I design furniture, interiors, architecture and like public spaces....

I'm an experienced webdeveloper and webdesigner. I create modern websites witch are responsive and easy to edit. I...

For 3 years I have been making 3D models for popular licensors. I have experience working under time pressure and...

Data scientist, ML and 3D code developer at RnD Team. Google Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics 2016. Ph.D....

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    Gosten 2 deals
    Hello, I will commission the preparation of 2-3 templates in Figma along the lines of the one in the attachment. Guidelines: - color scheme to match the avatar (I would aim for white/purple, but this is not a requirement) - each template to have a mockup of the phone, where I can freely upload screenshots - the main template with a simple phone mockup as in the attachment (straight / slightly rotated), the remaining template templates with two / three phones - all templates have a common design, only differ in phone mockups and possibly text placement (if necessary) Overall this is to be a template that will look good on this site: After accepting the offer, I will provide all the necessary materials
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    We are looking for a graphic designer for permanent cooperation on branding. The main task will be to prepare graphics for instagram / LinkedIN. The required graphic style can be approached in the photos. Additional order in case of qualification can be editing rolls (about 2 per week). On the plus side, the ability to work with AI graphics programs.
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    Model design for 3D printer
    Proposed by freelancer
    Need to design such a PEN as in the attached, please send me a quote, I can send the PEN to the indicated address for analysis and design. Pen needs to be designed 1:1 from outside as well as inside (it needs to be taken apart). Please let me know what the cost and time will be and in what format it will be designed. In addition but it is not unnecessary I will ask for a quote if someone offers: I would also like to know what the cost will be to print such a PEN at your place in a test quantity of 2 pcs and then 100/200 pcs per week.
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    Optima Business 20 deals
    Creative presentation PDF
    350.00 PLN
    A creative PDF presentation that is an offer for a consulting service. Length: 6-8 pages Format: A4 Subject: artificial intelligence Document for display, not print. Materials include content, visual identity and sample presentation. Preparation time is 3-4 days.
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    Good day, I will order the preparation for offset printing of a file of 180 pages. The project is already submitted. The order includes only correcting the coloring of black texts.
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    Crowder.PRO 17 deals
    Needed visualization of a residential development consisting of houses - Sasanka XL terraced houses
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    Designing a logo
    Proposed by freelancer
    We will commission a logo design for a local news web portal. The portal has been in operation for several years, but needs a major logo change/rebranding. The logo is to consist of a sigil and a logotype and is to be in line with current trends. It is important that it contains one element that can be duplicated when designing subsequent "logos" for other portals. Thus, we look forward to a longer cooperation, also in the future in the design of a new version of the portal.
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    We are looking for a person to help create a product catalog of mattresses for us with graphics and descriptions of models and prepare for printing and design/modify the company logo. Longer cooperation and other projects possible.
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    We have a logo that we need to convert and change to curves ready for printing
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    bogumila 10 deals
    I am looking for a person who will insert photos of products such as furniture, chairs armchairs into photos of rooms (living room, garden etc). I would like the effect to be as close to natural as possible.