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Hello! I'm a UI/UX designer with a background in marketing. Therefore, I know how to create a conscious design. I...

US - Hello! I have been working in the graphic design industry for 6 years. I have executed numerous advertising and...

🇬🇧 Experienced Freelance Graphic Designer specializing in crafting brand identities from inception to realization....

I find myself a Solution Provider. I've been lucky enough to work across a ton of different projects, mediums, and...

I am a UI/UX Designer with more than 3 years of hands-on experience in developing web and mobile interfaces....

Senior designer who is an enthusiast of digital art and web design. Gathering business requirements, I bring...

My name is Danilo, and I'm web developer. I worked with Webflow last year and half and I had a lot of experience in...

I am a student who is interested in working in the field of copywriting and design. I have the ability to write...

Hello I'm Ajnur Merdan Im from Bosnia,but i temporarily live in Skopje,the capital city of North Macedonia Im...

I am a creative and marketing leader with vast experience in entertainment and communication. My unique skills...

Hi Lovely buyer, It is nice to met you, I'm Jay and when it comes to designing and marketing I have the skills and...

I'm self-taught illutrator/designer from Poland. I'm currently living in Warsaw, where I also studying Graphic and...

As a Flutter developer specializing in Android and iOS apps, I prioritize conscientiousness and adherence to...

I am a third year Digital and Technology Solutions student at CU Coventry. I am a highly motivated student and I...

"Focus on your goal. Don't look in any directions but ahead." Full portfolio:...

Hi! I'm living in Kiev, on freelance more then 10 years. I'm making illustrations, UX/UI-design, a few video. My...

Hey there! I'm Adnan Brkić, your friendly neighborhood UI/UX Designer and Front-End Developer hailing from the...

Hello! My name is Radost and I’m UI/UX & Graphic Designer with Master’s Degree in Theory of Art. I have a...

I have been doing programming and graphic design for many years. This is my first time using a project-based...

I have been working for more that 12 years in the fields of graphic design, web design and UX/UI design. My main...

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    Magicshots - Daniel Jasiński 1 deal
    Good day, I am looking for a graphic designer who knows how to retouch product photos, especially clothing and lookbook photos, less often some simpler items, although they also happen. In the case of clothing, the photos should be cut from the background, modeled and retouched for larger folds, while in the case of lookbook photos the background should be cropped to the value given by us, maintaining the natural shadow under the model and adding a gentle retouching of the face. Please send me offers, portfolio and availability information.
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    FO media
    Based on the provided colors, mockups in pdf , texts and photos and conversation I will ask you to make in Canva the mentioned proejcts.
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    Usługi finansowe 4 deals
    Author's a3 format calendar
    Proposed by freelancer
    Author's a3 format calendar - PL version, open file and pdf file
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    A6 size 2-sided leaflet
    Proposed by freelancer
    On the flyer must be the basic things that should be on the flyer - contractual, some slogans of our own invention in case of a problem we will figure something out. The flyer should be neat, professional and eye-catching. The company deals with the installation and maintenance of cctv - IP cameras, AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI. The name of the company Basiccam - the logo is in the files along with the name and the other with the name separately. The font used in the logo will also be in the files. The style of the flyer and everything graphically related is put in the hands of a graphic designer. If you have any questions, feel free to write in the application
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    asiiuniia1985 2 deals
    Design/illustration of 4 soy candle labels
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, We need a design/illustration of 4 labels for soy candles. The labels will be printed on a transparent backing. The theme is Mother's Day. We would like the labels to be similar to each other and made in the same style, but each label should be dominated by a different main color: yellow, green, red, blue. We imagine more or less on the label a figure of a woman ( mom) - it does not have to be in its entirety - just her face and neck, and in front of her a large bouquet of flowers or that this bouquet refers to the scents of individual candles: verbena & orange ( yellow), rose petals & white peach ( red), oak ( green), night flower ( blue). The label must also say: soy candle, the name of the fragrance and the words Mom, Thank you for being". We would also like to see a visualization of the candles with these labels. The glass for pouring the candles will be transparent. The dimensions of the label will be approximately 62mm x 62mm. The candles will appear in Empik stores across the country on the occasion of Mother's Day.
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    As in the description, I need 10 graphics for SM and Newstletters at the beginning to create. Please quote a price for such a package otherwise the offer will not be considered
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    AI [artificial intelligence] photo shoot.
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the preparation of a photo shoot of carpets using artificial intelligence. Requesting you to send a portfolio / realizations using AI and a quote for, for example, 10 products.
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    jbielawska 1 deal
    I am requesting a quote to update the logo and brand identity. comments on the logo and identity: - Lack of direct association with wood and even more broadly wood itself - Precision of execution - Newer color scheme - no brown, rather into green and navy blue. - The logo could be a variation on the theme of the tree what we have, only without the trunk-it's a circle (certainly without those shadows), maybe inscribed in a square? I'm impressed with the company and that's probably where the idea came from. - The current Logo I have in the cad
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    The finished project in Indesign must be converted into a multimedia presentation in PowerPoint. The presentation must be editable. To change will be the format - the current one is A4 vertical, the presentation is to be horizontal. We provide an open Indesign file, the presentation is to be a copy of it on a horizontal format with the possibility of subsequent editing of text and graphics. The project contains 25 pages and is in English.
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    Samuel 1 deal
    Hi there! We are looking for a talented Web/UX UI Designer who can design a modern looking landingpage and implement it in squarespace. The website functionality will not be very complex, the focus is on a fresh design. If you are interested, feel free to contact me. Thank you!