Useful Online Course for Freelancers

Published on 2020-09-15 by Ching Chieh Li.
A freelancer job description including communication with a potential client, modify the project, talk with clients, and more. It is never too late to learn a new skill. The best part of being a freelancer is freedom. The graphic designer can also be a writer, programmer. You do not have any limitations as a freelancer. We combine all of the useful courses into this artifice for our freelancers. You can access those classes anytime, anywhere for free. When you feel tired from working, you can always access those courses and charge your battery.

SEO-Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the essential knowledge of bloggers and content writers. There are a lot of SEO classes online that can benefit you. Freelancers can start to learn it from Yoast. Yoast SEO academy offers a course with basic SEO knowledge. If you feel the course is too easy, then an SEO course from Moz may be perfect for you. SEO training course by Moz is one of the best classes. More than 249,248 people join this class at Udemy. You can enroll in the class for free and pay for the certification if you want.


Do you want to build your own website? Have you ever wondered how the engineer makes magic with few words? HTML is the basic structure for establishing a website. You can learn HTML from Codecademy. Codecademy offers theory and a chance to practice it right away. Moreover, you do not have to install other applications for practicing HTML. If you get stuck at some points, you can always click help and get a hint. More than 3,838,395 people have taken this course.

Content Marketing

Do you want to write an excellent blog? Content marketing is one of the essential skill for freelancers. You will have an amazing blog and portfolio with good content marketing skills. The potential client will spend more time on the site with good content. You can learn essential content marketing skills from the Hubspot. Moreover, you will receive a certification for free if you pass the exam at the end.

User Experience

Have you wondered why some websites have interesting content but you just feel uncomfortable without reasons? User experience is not just essential for the designer. According to Google 53% of the user will leave the site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. This knowledge is very valuable for your website and freelance portfolio. Future Learn provides the UX class with the foundation of user experience knowledge. You can enroll in this class without any foundation.

Project Management

You have a lot of projects to take care of as a freelancer. Do you feel tired just checking those details? Freelancers can save time and effort from chasing the deadline with good project management skills. Moreover, you have to maintain trust between clients. The client will lose patience if you have to postpone the deadline. You can take a project management class from Future Learning. You will understand the project cycle and other project management knowledge from this class. If you need some useful tools, you can also check our blog.

It is never too late to learn new knowledge. Freelancers can face the challenge without any problem with valuable knowledge. The potential client will spend more time on your website with user-friendly design and good content. You can try to build your own website with HTML knowledge. More opportunities will knock on the door sooner or later.