How to impress your future client with the freelance proposal


22 February 2022
Flexibility is one of the advantages of freelancing. You can choose what types of work, when to start it, and how to finish it. It is totally up to you to make the decision. With the growth of remote work, more and more people are joining freelancing. In fact, 59 million people worked as freelancers in 2020 in America. More freelancer means more competitors. When the employer posts a job, countless offers come into their mailbox and offer their services. Your proposal is the first step to catch their attention and help you to get the job. Here is a step-by-step guide to forming a proposal to impress freelance clients. In the guide, you will know how to write it, and the best way to protect your freelance work.

Find a job in your niche

There are countless jobs in the freelance market. It is tempting to apply for all of the interesting projects. Your freelance business has a lot of potential and possibilities. You are on the way to building your personal brand. You have to choose the job strategically. Start by looking for a job in your niche where you get professional knowledge. For example, you are a freelance writer at an IT company. You enjoy reading marketing blogs after work. IT and technology can be part of your niche. Copywriters do not write on all kinds of topics. They specialize in one area and develop their reputation. One day, they will be recognized as the experts in the field, and clients will come to them directly with jobs.

Look through the post and check the detail

When you find the job, time to create the message. It can be hard to write it from scratch. The first thing is to look through the post before forming the message. For example, if you apply for the blog project. You should check the types of topics, word limitations, style, and timeline in the post. List down the details so you can analyze them. If the project needs to work with other employees, you can even have a quick background check of their business. The more details you have, the easier it is to use it to form an attractive proposal. Pay attention to

  • Project description
  • Scope of work
  • Required skills
  • Deliverable
  • Timeline

Personalize your freelance proposal

Now time to customize your message for the project. A personalized message can show the professional side of you. Take an example of the blog project. You can mention that you have experience in the industry. You looked through previous blog posts to know the style. For sure, you will provide high-quality service within the deadline. Keep the message short and relevant to the employer. The main focus of the proposal needs to be around the project without unnecessary information.

State the deliverable and timeline clearly

Timelines and deliverables are important. It is essential to be realistic and honest about the time. The employer needs to know the exact time to arrange the workload. You should add the deadline for finishing it and how you will deliver the work in the proposal. This way, the client can make the decision quickly. Also, you may arrange the work and check if you have time to take on more projects.

Send the freelance portfolio to prove your ability

Now you get a nice message, time to build trust. For the regular job application, the company will ask for a resume and cover letter. When it comes to freelance jobs. It is their portfolio to proves their ability. That will be your business card to showcase your skills. With them, you increase the chances for an employer to talk with you. You can share the previous projects with positive feedback, social proof, and the achievement of the task. If you’re new to freelancing, you can share projects from university or online classes.

Ask for more details and offer a suggestion to the client

Sometimes, the employer does not provide full details of the project. It is fine to go through the details to avoid misunderstanding. If you have better ways to solve their problem, send it at this stage. It will display the well-considered side by solving the problem early. They may contact you and provide more chances. Meanwhile, you may get to know more about the project and how to work on it.

Double-check the message

Now everything is ready. You might want to check the proposal again before sending it. Your message should not have any typos, grammar errors, or unnecessary information. Also, make sure that you send the right message to the correct employer. If you feel hesitant about the message, you can ask other people to read it. You can also use tools such as Grammarly to avoid grammar errors, Hemingway editor for readability, and more.

The safest way to protect your freelance work

Now, you are on the way to getting more projects! We will help you secure every freelance job. With uSafe protection, your client can only download the work after paying for it. Upload the finished work and move on to the next project. We will guide the client and send a tax invoice to them. You have several options to take the payment and currencies to choose from. When you meet the new client, we will confirm the deal with them for you. The client will not get any documents before approving it.

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