How To Combine Freelance Work With A Full-Time Job

Published on 2020-10-20 by Ching Chieh Li. There are a variety of reasons for joining the freelance community. Someone wants to expand their career, someone wants to try something different than their full-time job. Do you feel hard to choose between a full-time job and a freelance job? A full-time job and freelance work can be combined perfectly together. You have more experience and feel less stressed about financial insecurity. So, how to combine freelance work with a full-time job?

Be transparent

Check your work contract carefully and the detail may be hidden in short sentences. Even though technically you can perform freelance work without breaking any rule. Be open and transparent about your decision. Honesty is always the best policy. You can reassure the supervisors that you can stay 1000% focused at work and the freelance work will not influence your full-time work. Moreover, maybe one day your full-time job need knowledge from your freelance work.

Have a well-organized schedule and stick to it.

Having a well-organized schedule always helpful for your working follow. It is important to follow this schedule because you have more work and less time. Time is more valuable than money for freelancers. Take some time to arrange the whole work schedule and list down every deadline in advance. The best part of being a freelancer is freedom. You can divide the work and fit the work into any suitable schedule for you.

Determine your goal and start from the right timing

You will have more approaches with a specific goal. Moreover, starting at good timing help you reach the goal quickly. You may always consider taking more freelance work in a certain field. But if you are about to reach the busiest months of the year and you just want to stay in front of Netflix after work. Then maybe take fewer projects during this time.

For sure not everything must start with a reason. But what are the motivations for you to take up the job?

  • Do you plan to be a full-time freelancer later?
  • Do you want to gain more skills from the freelance project and switch to another career path?

Keep your work-life balance

It is more than exciting to know that you are capable of achieving a lot of freelance work. But be careful about how much work you take. If you feel tired and get cold very often, that may be signs of burning out from too much work. An adult needs at least 7-9 hours of sleep per day. However, we usually sleep less than that time. Do you usually check email before sleep? To keep your work-life balance, you can turn off notification after work from time to time. Allow yourself to take a break from working all the time.

Focus on one thing at one time

Always stay focused on one thing at a time. Sometimes we have to finish everything in one hour for example go to pick up a document, buy some food, and answer a phone call on the way back. Interestingly, our brain can not function two things that need a high level of concentration at the same time. In fact, our minds just switch to different tasks quickly. Instead of jumping from task to task, maybe let’s try to work with one task at a time. Your mind will feel less tense and can focus on each task without miss any important detail.

It is possible to have a full-time job and work as a freelancer at the same time. But most importantly, what is the reason for this decision? Well begun is half done and you can adjust your path with the goal. Have a work-life balance so you will not feel overwork. Work can a full-time worker and a freelancer can be this easy.