How To Choose The Suitable Way To Hire A Freelancer

Published on 2020-10-27 by Ching Chieh Li. The employer has a new project and would like to outsource this project. The process starts from posting a job offer, checking messages from prospective freelancers, and choosing a suitable freelancer. Now, the employer is ready to work with the freelancer. But how to choose the most suitable way to hire a freelancer? There are several ways to finalize the process such as signing a contract and getting an invoice. Have you wondered which one is the most suitable for your company? Here are detailed comparisons of those two documents.

Receive an invoice

Besides sign the contract, the employer also receives an invoice from a freelancer. An invoice shares the same level of importance as a contract. To make it clear for you, we will explain it with the useme service. With useme, freelancers can send a pre-invoice to their client. Moreover, the employer will receive a VAT invoice from useme after sending the payment.

  • Time-saving and more effective: Time is very valuable for freelancers and employers. In useme, the employer receives a pre-invoice at the beginning of the process and a VAT invoice after sending the payment. You only need to check those important details instead of spending the time reading the whole document for one information. Moreover, you will save time from printing the document, checking it, and signing it.

  • Flexibility: In useme, you receive the invoice online so the geographical location cannot stop you anymore. You can work with freelancers in other countries and you check the documents anytime, anywhere. No matter what type of work you have, you always receive a pre-invoice and VAT invoice after sending the payment.

  • For making any modification: Since the invoice is an official document then we need some process for making the necessary modification. For making the necessary changes, please click here.

Sign a contract

A contract is an agreement between two parties. The employer usually signs the contract with a freelancer at the beginning of the work. The document shall contain important elements for example frequency of modification, the deadline for sending the payment. If the employer has a longer-term project, then other kinds of the document are more suitable for it.

  • Set the rule early: Both of you understand the details of the work and clear every doubt before start working. This discussion may benefit the working process and save time for further discussion. Both sides understand everything before cooperation.

  • Time-consuming: The whole process is very time-consuming. Since both sides need to agree with every detail in the contract before sign it. The modification process may take longer than you expect. Moreover, the freelancer will not start to work until he/she receives the signed contract.

  • Hard to make an adjustment for different types of projects: The employer usually has a general document for a certain type of project. It takes time for making modifications to different types of projects. Moreover, if you work with freelancers in other countries, you have to modify the contract accordingly.

    The most important reasons for having those documents are safety and security. The employer wants to make sure that he/she will receive the final work. With useme, both sides can save time and the employer can focus on working with freelancers.