Christmas and the New Year in Useme

Published on 2019-12-24 by Zuzanna Ilków. When working remotely and being your own boss, it's up to you when to take a vacation and on what holiday take time off. However, there is one exception: Christmas and New Year, which most of us can not imagine spending in front of the computer (except for entertainment).

Although you may be tempted by the prospect of devoting this free time to catch up with the deadlines, we encourage you to have a well-deserved rest in the bosom of the family. To facilitate this task for you, we are also going to devote ourselves to celebration :).
Therefore, at the end of December, the Useme Customer Service will work as follows:

Monday, December 23 - Customer Service works at fixed hours (8.00-17.00)
Tuesday, December 24 - Customer Service works from 8.00 to 15.00.
Traditionally, we will make wire transfers in two sessions at 11.00 and 14.00. Due to the changed handling of Elixir transfers at the ING bank during the holiday season, ordinary transfers sent to us and from us after 2 pm will be booked on December 27.

Wednesday, December 25 - Customer Service is closed Thursday,
Thursday, December 26 - Customer Service is closed,
Friday, December 27 - Customer Service works at fixed hours (8.00-17.00).

The helpline will not work from December 23 to December 27. Feel free to contact us at

Monday, December 30 - Customer Service works at fixed hours (8.00-17.00),
Tuesday, December 31 - Customer Service works an hour shorter, from 8.00 to 16.00,
The helpline will run until 3 PM,
Wednesday, January 1 - Customer Service is closed.

Jobs will be published regularly throughout the Christmas and New Year period. Contracts concluded on days off and invoices issued on those days will be processed on the first business day after the holiday.

Invoices with a December date

The invoice date is the date when the transfer is booked on Useme bank account. In order to be sure to receive a document with a date from the year 2019, Freelancer should issue an invoice in advance so that the Customer has a chance to pay it.

Due to the booking sessions of incoming transfers of our bank (ING Bank Śląski), the last possible deadline for making a regular Elixir transfer is December 31 up to 1:00 PM. On the afternoon of December 31, only payments made by DotPay will be credited.

Incorrect dates on invoices can be reported until 12.00 on January 3.

We wish all Freelancers and Employers a happy Christmas and prosperity in the coming year!