7 Questions To Ask Before Start Working

Published on 2020-10-06 by Ching Chieh Li.

https://useme-prod-public.s3.amazonaws.com/help-images/um_1200x800_blog_7questions_viOxCOZ.png Congratulations, our freelancer! You have a new job offer. You are on the way to achieve one more goal in your freelance career. To have a better future, check the deal carefully before the celebration. We cannot turn back the time and it is better to check those details early than later. Furthermore, we may find some hidden details in the offer which need more attention. Here are 7 questions to ask before starting work.

Checking the offer details clear

The most important thing for freelancers besides the experience is the remuneration. Taking some time and check the detail again. Does this offer cover the frequency of modification? This detail is especially important for the project which needs several modifications such as translation, graphic design projects. You may have several modifications after talking with the client. If the offer does not contain this detail, you can propose this thought to the client.

Finding out the size of the team

For the long-term job, you may cooperate with the other employees in the company. Moreover, some companies will assign someone to provide their opinion and follow the whole process. The more people join the team, the more opinions you may receive later. It is better to know the number of members and have their contact information at the beginning. This action can save time from looking for their contact information at a crucial moment.

Understanding the goal of the work in advance

Everyone has an exception for the upcoming work. The freelancers may think about how to finish the work and the client may think about the outcome he/she will achieve after finish the work. It is fine to have a different exception as long as you are working toward the same goal. So, what is your client's goal toward this project? What is the main goal of this project? Maybe you can help them even more after understanding it. Furthermore, people perform much better once understanding the goal.

Preparing a backup plan

It is good to always leave room for some uncertain changes. For sure we do not want to have any surprises any time. But sometimes it is hard not to run into any of them for example the weak internet connection before the deadline. Preparing a backup plan always helpful for various reasons such as reduce anxiety. There are several ways to do it for example you can also check with the client early if the client has another work right after this job.

Getting into their Communication Channel

It is the 21st century, we have a lot of tools to stay in touch with people. One person may use more than 5 different software for communication. Freelancers can check early which communication software they will use in the office. You can create the account and get familiar with the software before start working. This step will save you from finding one key function during an important meeting. Moreover, if you are going to work with a foreign client, you can also discuss a suitable time for them to reach you.

Planing the whole detail before working

A plan helps freelancers think through to achieve the goal easily. Take some time to check the job description and estimate how much time you may need especially for this project. Take some time and prepare the necessary materials in advance. If you have a long-term project, then you can also divide the deal into several milestones. You can propose this idea to the client and set the expected deadline for each milestone. You will feel less stressed and finish work at a suitable phase. The client can also pay attention to the process at the same time.

Thinking about your portfolio

Most of the freelancer wants to leave some of the outcomes in their portfolio. However, this is a complicated question for the long-term project, as the early exposure may cause some additional problems. If you want to maintain a long-term partnership with the client, it is better to ask for their permission before releasing this information. Keeping this idea in your mind and ask for their permission at a suitable time.

The client will admire you even more because you consider those details before they ask for it. Taking care of the details and all of the work can be finished easily. Leave the room for any necessary changes and your mind will feel less stress. Moreover, you will not stumble from those problems again in the future. After checking those details, you are ready to start a new work.