5 Must-Have Online Tools For Freelancers.

Published on 2020-09-01 by Ching Chieh Li.

Time is more valuable than money. Everyone only has 86,400 seconds per day. As a freelancer, you have a lot of work from talking to clients to modify the work. Is it always annoying when you have to fix some small problems? Good tools can save you time and make your life easier. Here are 5 must-have tools for freelancers.

Trello-Project Management Tool

One of the foundation things between clients and freelancers is trust. Clients may lose patience if you have to postpone the deadline. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed with endless tasks. Trello is one of the best project management tool. We also use it in the office. Trello uses boards to display the progress of the task. Freelancers usually have separate boards for each project. You can share the board with clients after listing down the tasks. Clients can follow your progress with Trello. They will not call you again for checking the progress. Furthermore, the user will receive notifications for certain changes like assigning a new task. You will not miss anything with Trello.

Calendly-Free Online Appointment Software

When the client sends a message to you “Let’s meet at 15:00” The first thing that comes to your mind. “Is 15:00 in their time zone or mine?” For sure, you have to send another email for confirming those details. You probably send countless emails back and forward for scheduling a meeting. Scheduling a meeting will be much easier with Calendly . You just create a link and send it to the client. The clients will choose a suitable time and the system will send a reminder before the meeting start. Now, you can say goodbye to those back and forward emails.

Toggl-Free Time Tracking Software

Time management is essential for freelancers. Toggl is a tool for tracking time. You will have a report about how much time you spend on each project. Furthermore, you can also show the report for the clients who pay the hourly rate. Toggl has a simple design. Just click on start when you work on the project and click stop once you finish. In addition, Toogl can combine with a lot of project management tools for example Trello. Next time when your friends ask how do you spend your day as a freelancer. You can simply show the report to them.

WeTransfer-Sharing files is not a problem anymore

One of the annoying things for sharing files is the size. You finally finish the masterpiece and ready to send it to clients. But the files are too big to send over email. Moreover, Google drives start to remind you that you do not have enough space. This thing will be much easier with WeTransferl Uploading the file on the website and share the link to the clients. Since the link is only valid for a week and you do not need to go back again for deleting the file.

Coffitivity- Bring the productive to the house

Do you need some new atmosphere at home? In fact, people will have more creativity with the right level of noise. Coffitivity is a tool that recreates sound from the coffee house. You have several options to choose from morning murmur to university undergo. With Coffitivity, you bring the vibe of a coffee house without going out.

Good tools can save you a lot of time. Trello can help you check the progress and follow every small detail. Freelancers can easily schedule a meeting with clients with Calendly. Good tools push you to the right track. Freelancing work will become more effective with those tools. Time is valuable and our freelancers deserve to spend on sometimes more important.